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my heart's sinking like a weight

4 April
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wr0ng_reason @ livejournal.com fangirlism is love
+ strange, emokid, pretty neurotic with some things, sarcastic, super!fangirl, weird sense of humour, nerd, slasher

music The Used, Kill Hannah, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Panic! at the disco, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Simple plan, Jimmy eat world, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, Placebo etc

Billy Boyd, Johnny Depp, Ian Rosenberger, Devon Murray, Jenson Button, Orlando Bloom, Rupert Grint, Valentino Rossi, Quinn Allman

movies Lord of the rings trilogy, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Finding Neverland, Peter Pan, Chocolat, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter 3 & 4, Troy, Wizard of Oz

TV Survivor, Lost, Prison Break, CSI, Malcolm in the middle, Alias, Gilmore girls, E! Entertainments, Simpsons, Queer as folk

Slash is my life. I love it.

main pairings Harry / Seamus, James / Sirius, Harry / Draco, Sawyer / Michael, Sawyer / Jack, Billy / Dominic, Elijah / Orlando, Billy / Orlando, Orlando / Viggo, Sean / Elijah, Brian / Justin, Bert / Quinn

main fandoms Harry Potter, Lost, Lord of the rings, Prison break, Pirates of the Caribbean, Queer as folk, The Used, Johnny Depp

Haha, go and add me honey.

colorbars etc. stuff

I'm friends only cause I want to know who reads me and who doesn't. If we have any interests in common, please add me to your list.

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100x100, acoustic music, alias, amélie, arctic monkeys, art, arthur/lancelot, autumn, bert/quinn, big brother, billy boyd, black, blogs, bon jovi, books, boys, brian kinney, brian/justin, bright/hannah, british accents, cameras, chocolat, cinderella, cirque du freak, clothes, coca cola, concerts, death cab for cutie, dom/billy, draco malfoy, elijah wood, email, emo, england, eric bana, everwood, f1, fan fiction, fanfiction, finding neverland, foo fighters, fred/george, freedom, friends, galahad, gilmore girls, girls, green day, harry potter, harry/draco, hobbits, hold on, house md, hugs, ian rosenberger, ice hockey, indiana jones, ioan gruffudd, jamie cullum, jenson button, jimmy eat world, joel edgerton, johnny depp, juliette binoche, kill hannah, king arthur, kurt cobain, lancelot, last.fm, linkin park, lions, london, lord of the rings, lost, lotr boys, love, lyrics, master and commander, memories, mew, movies, mtv, music, my chemical romance, my life without me, nc-17, new york, nhl, nights, nina gordon, nirvana, oliver wood, panic! at the disco, paris, pearl jam, percy/oliver, peter calamy, peter jackson, photography, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, poetry, punk, queer as folk, quinn allman, rain, reading, red, red hot chili peppers, red-haired, roller coasters, ron weasley, rupert grint, scotland, seamus finnigan, sherlock holmes, silence, sirius black, slash, sleeping, slytherin, sonata arctica, star wars, stars, steven spielberg, survivor, the beatles, the chronicles of narnia, the used, tigers, tolkien, tom felton, tom riddle, touching, travelling, troy, uk, valentino rossi, van helsing, viggo mortensen, william blakeney, wizard of oz, wolves, writing, yellowcard, you, , , ,